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Cola Anderson

Cola Anderson is the Harm Reduction Program Manager at Power Inside. Founded in 2001, Power Inside is a holistic harm reduction program for women in Baltimore. We co-create safe spaces where women celebrate their strengths, heal from violence, and work toward justice. For Cola, harm reduction is her life mission and one of the things she care about the most. Harm reduction helps keep people I love and the loved ones of others alive, safe and healthier. Harm reduction is so much more than a practice, or movement to her. From the stigma that at times feels insurmountable, to the lack of basic access to needs such as proper healthcare and housing, there is so much needed to support people who use drugs. I want the work I do to show folks that they are not disposable or forgotten. I am constantly inspired by the light I see within PWUD in Baltimore and love to help people shine brighter, get connected to resources and be heard. Making sure people feel seen is a huge part of her purpose. Cola believes together we can do most things with safety, respect, and unconditional love as the foundation!

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